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Mecano RK ROSE+KRIEGER solutions for the packaging industry
Release time: 2023-04-13
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Packaging industry solutions
Tailor-made components and systems for you

Automatic layout adjustment makes the production process more flexible and cost-effective


The packaging industry covers the packaging manufacturing of logistics and consumer products。

In a world of increasingly diverse products and smaller batch sizes, automation can make the production process more flexible and cost-effective for most industries。Production automation reduces setup time and precisely repeats the production process。


Mecano RK has over 50,Modular series of 000 individual components,Provides the ideal customized solution for the packaging industry: from transmission line guardrails made of pipe connectors to equipment frames made of BLOCAN® profiles,To manual or automatic layout adjustments through linear units,And all kinds of equipment chassis,Have everything。

We provide one-stop service for you!

The packaging machine can be quickly reset by layout adjustment


How to improve the flexibility of packaging equipment layout/quantity?

Sustainability is one of the most important trends in the packaging industry。Modern packaging systems need to handle a wide variety of materials and an increasing number of types of products。At the same time, the requirements of customers are becoming more and more professional, and the needs are changing faster and faster。This has led to a great increase in the diversity and dynamics of product versions, smaller batch sizes, and increased setup work for format changes。

Therefore, whether the production of very small batches is cost-effective is a very key issue。Manual setting of work and downtime, which can occur even in automatic mode, must be minimized。Setup refers to the operation of adjusting the layout, which can be done manually or automatically。

Cooperation with Lenord+Bauer in the field of motion sensors and integrated drive technology

RK and Lenord+Bauer are both experts in automation, and together they are able to meet customers' demands for fully automated feed actuators。The RK linear unit and the Lenord+Bauer actuator complement each other perfectly, providing customers with an integrated package of benefits。


Integration Integration is simple and flexible

The actuator can be used either as a standalone component or as a modular integrated system。RK equips the individual unit with an executive drive that is directly connected to the device control system (using plug-in connectors, access to the integrated bus interface)。All you need to do is connect to the bus communication and a 24V power supply to debug this self-regulating linear actuator。

RK and Lenord+Bauer work closely together to match your complex equipment with multiple linear units and a local communication unit。

Automatic layout adjustment of packaging equipment

Automatic layout adjustment of packaging equipment


Packaging printing and labeling

With more and more products, shorter product cycles, and more and more customized and serialized product packaging, we need more and more flexible labeling and reading equipment (printers, labeling machines, laser markers, scanners, etc.).。

The modular system of RK tube connectors and linear units provides you with a complete solution, including a bracket system that can be modified, supplemented or re-enabled if needed。

Adjustable bracket system


Adjustable scanner

Personalized packaging

Personalized LEAN packaging tables ensure optimal material flow: ergonomic tool placement and height-adjustable countertops maintain employee health, improve employee performance and motivation。


Cardboard box layout adjustment system

When replacing products, packaging equipment often needs to be adjusted to various formats。RK provides you with a complete solution from simple manual adjustment to fully automatic layout adjustment。

Labeling machine bracket

The RK tube connection system and adjustment unit help the labeling system adapt to the production process more easily。

We can offer you a wide range of components and solutions

We have a wide range of products, high quality and highly engineered components, a wealth of creativity, knowledge and practical experience to provide you with the best solution。
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